Patient Testimonials

Bob, — Lower Back Pain
I came to Dr. Lu for my lower back pain 3 days before I went to Thailand. The lower back pain had been so bad that I thought I had to cancel the flight. When I came to his office and he checked my pain, he told me he was sure he would be able to help me and told me not to cancel the flight. Amazingly, with his special technique, my lower back pain was almost totally gone right after the treatment and I enjoyed my trip to Thailand. I was so thankful to him. He is definitely an expert in treatment of lower back pain.
Sarah, — Sinus Infection
I have sinus problems with frequent sinus infections. Before I came to Dr. Lu, I had to take antibiotics to control the infection and I have developed candida from frequent use of antibiotics. When I came for treatment, he told me that I would not need antibiotics anymore if I got both acupuncture and herbal treatment. He gave me 4 bags of the raw herbs and told me to take herbal tea in light of his instruction and then he did acupuncture treatment at the same time. The tea for sure did not taste so great, but I felt so great on the second day after I started the herbal tea. After 4 days, I did not feel any nasal congestion any more and the nasal drainage totally disappeared. I got a full relief from the infection. Now, I have much less frequent sinus infection and whenever it happened, I rely on the bitter taste tea to recover. His special formula for sinus infection seems to be faster and more effective than all other treatments I tried before. Now, I tell everyone I know with sinus problems to go to see Dr. Lu.
Jane, — Asthma
I am 70 years old and I have been suffering from asthma attacks for many years. Even I have been on medications and inhaler, I still had wheezing sound and chest congestion and I have been feeling so tired all the time. I came to Dr. Lu and he gave me several different herbal formulas to take at different times. After one week, my wheezing sound stopped and in just one month, I did not have any chest congestion, no more cough and phlegm. My sleep gets normal and I gained my energy back. I am so thankful for his treatment. I recommend everyone with asthma going to see him. By now it has been half a year, I have not had any asthma attack yet. I feel that I am a totally new person.
John, — Peripheral Neuropathy
I have had peripheral neuropathy for 15 years before I saw Dr. Lu. I had numbness, tingling and weakness in both of my legs and feet all the time. I almost became desperate in seeking a relief of my condition. One of my friends recommended Dr. Lu to me. Surprisingly, just after one treatment, I got 75% better. (That is what I told him). He gave me totally about 6 treatments in one month, and I am symptoms-free after that. He is really one of the best practitioners I have ever met. Thank you, Dr. Lu.
Davin, — Shoulder Pain
I live in both Minnesota and Florida. I have had consistently pain in the medical side of my right shoulder for many years with limited movement of the shoulder. Just 2 weeks before I returned to Florida, I went to see Dr. Lu. He did not talk so much about how acupuncture works for this condition, but he told me it was a tendinitis of the long head of the biceps. He did acupuncture and electric stimulation for the shoulder. After just one treatment, my shoulder pain is almost totally gone. When I went back the second time, I told him that he should move to Florida so that I could go to see him when I have shoulder pain again.
Xiong, — Gout
I am from Laos. I had a bad gout episode recently. The episode was so bad that I had bad pain and swelling in both my big toes and both knees. I had to use a cane to walk. My friend recommended Dr. Lu to me and he gave me 3 bags of raw Chinese herbs and told me how to prepare and take the herbs. After just one week, the pain and swelling vanished and I could walk flexibly again. I am so happy with his treatment. I believe he is one of the greatest Chinese medicine practitioners I have ever seen.